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Mobile App Summit and Awards 2022: Call for Exhibition

The Mobile App Summit and Awards 2022 will feature an exhibition in addition to a dynamic lineup of panels and keynotes.

For app developers, entrepreneurs, and mobile services, this exhibition will be a fantastic opportunity to present their mobile apps and goods to a large audience of potential investors and clients! Therefore, if you’d like to invest in a chance to potentially grow your mobile app or business, sign up to be an exhibitor with us!

There will be 10 exhibition tables altogether, and as of now, 4 of those spots are taken. You have the opportunity to start now!

Exhibit MASA 2022: Why?

  • The perfect platform for showcasing all aspects of your company or service to a wide audience.
  • Meet with current and future customers in person to build trust and a positive reputation for your brand. Boost awareness of your company’s brand.
  • Possibilities for producing profitable leads for your company.
  • Create enduring business connections with customers and financiers.

Send us an email right away, and one of our representatives will get back to you!

For further information, see our page on exhibitors.

MASA 2022

Whether you’re an app marketer, publisher, developer, startup, or venture capitalist, Mobile App Summit is the ultimate event for everyone in the apps/games/ad tech ecosystem. You’ll find sessions on how to grow your apps, how to monetize apps using advertising and in-app purchases, and how to get more users, keep them, and analyze your data.

Don’t Miss it!

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