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The Best Travel Apps Nominated for 2022 Mobile App Awards

More than ever, travelers rely on their smartphones to help them plan and book their getaways.

Travel and leisure apps are a tremendous source of ideas and are really helpful for making reservations and managing logistics.

Essential Travel Apps

Travel is now significantly simpler thanks to technology, which includes apps that assist with everything from last-minute airline changes and day-of hotel reservations to those that double as guidebooks and dictionaries for foreign languages.

You may use mobile apps to get around a new place, convert currencies, pack your suitcase perfectly, and even get local knowledge on the ground. There is an app for everything you might need on the road.

These are the mobile apps nominated for the 2022 awards.

1. KQ Mobile App
KQ Best Travel Apps
KQ Mobile App Screenshot

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The new Kenya Airways mobile app may quickly and conveniently help you book flights, check in, and receive all the necessary flight information hence improving your travel experience.

App Features
  • Purchase your ticket, choose your seat, and book your journey.
  • Manage your reservation and change your travel information.
  • 2 to 30 hours prior to leaving, check-in.
  • Check the status and schedule of your flights.
  • Visit our luggage allowance guidelines.
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  • Access our contact information and tell us about your travels.
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Download KQ Mobile App from Google Play Store

Download KQ Mobile App from App Store

2. Fly Jambojet App
Jambo Jet Best Travel Apps
Jambo Jet Mobile App

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About this app

The Jambojet app helps you book a flight to Mombasa, Diani, Malindi, Kisumu, and Eldoret with activities at various locations as well as accommodation deals you can take advantage of.

Download Jambo Jet app from Google Playstore

3. Zuru Kenya Parks App
Zuru Kenya Parks Best Travel Apps
Zuru Kenya Parks Mobile App Screenshot

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About this app

With the Zuru Kenya Parks app, you may discover, enjoy, and conserve all of Kenya’s wildlife attractions.

Kenya Nairobi National Park is easily accessible from Zuru Kenya Parks. Users are able to purchase tickets and transportation through Zuru Kenya Parks. Check out using a variety of payment methods, such as MPesa.

Download from Google Play Store

Download Zuru Kenya Parks from App Store

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