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Best On-Demand Transportation Apps 2022 Award Nominees

Trying to find an on-demand transportation app? There are many different ways to get from A to B. With more adaptable public transportation options, businesses like Uber have changed the industry. Additionally, organizations like Bolt have simplified the use of current public transportation.

The best transit apps

There are numerous transit apps available on-demand that can assist you to locate different modes of transportation. The use of every app on this list is free, however, all of them charge for rides.

Here are the top transportation apps up for mobile app awards in 2022.

1. IAbiri App
iAbiri On-Demand Transportation Apps
iAbiri Mobile App Screenshot
About this app

Iabiri is a mobile app created to have an impact on the transportation industry by primarily focusing on travelers. It functions as an alternate mode of transportation by giving users access to fixed lines, fixed departure times, and fare information all in one app.

App Features
  • Pickup and drop-off locations
  • Practical routes
  • Trip planner.

Download iabiri mobile app from Google Playstore

Download iabiri mobile app from Apps Store

Maramoja On-Demand Transportation Apps
Maramoja App Screenshot
About this app

Kenya’s MARAMOJA transport app, the only socially powered taxi app in the world, was created from the ground up to address the unique transportation issues in Nairobi.

The app is firmly anchored in Nairobi’s distinctive taxi culture, which is characterized by characteristics like loyalty, relationships, and trust. Based on the current network of reliable taxis and friends, as well as their position and availability in real-time, the app gives you access to your most trusted drivers throughout Nairobi

Download MARAMOJA APP from Google Playstore.

3. Easycoach Booking App
EasyCoach On-Demand Transportation Apps
EasyCoach Booking App Screenshot
About this app

Easycoach app offers the fast & safest way to book bus tickets!

App Features
  • Select a bus depending on your selected departure time after searching for your destination city or drop-off location.
  • Select your seats and make a secure payment using well-known methods like Mpesa.

Download EasyCoach Booking App from Google Playstore

4. Sendy Transport App
Sendy On-Demand Transportation Apps
Sendy Transport App Screenshot
About this app

Sendy app is your shipping partner if you’re in Kenya. With the use of Sendy’s mobile app and online platform, people and small businesses can connect with Drivers and request ad-hoc or planned package delivery services whenever they need it, every day of the year.

These are the sizes of the vehicles owned by Sendy Partners, truck drivers, and courier services:
Bicycle, Tuk-Tuk, Pick-ups, and Vans Trucks of 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons, 14 tons, 20 tons, and 28 tons.

Download Sendy Transport App from Google Play Store

Download Sendy Transport App from Apps Store

5. Bolt App
Bolt App Kenya
Bolt App Screenshot
About this app

Order a ride with your smartphone, be picked up by a driver in the area, and take a cheap ride to your destination.

Download Bolt App from Google Play Store

Download the Bolt App from App Store

6. SWVL App
About this app
Swvl Apps
Swvl App Screenshot

Millions of users trust the Swvl app, an online network that offers daily affordable rides both within and between cities. Making commuting as simple as clicking a button by gaining access to thousands of daily comfortable rides.

Swvl is regularly used by 5 million people worldwide, and it offers 16000+ dependable rides every day in more than 115 cities and 75000+ bus stops spread around the cities.

Download Swvl App from Google Play Store

Download Swvl App from Google Apps Store

7. Glovo App Kenya
Glovo Transportation Apps
Glovo App Screenshot
About this app

One of the delivery apps with the highest downloads, with over 30 million installations. You can order anything locally on-demand with the “shop on your behalf” app offered by the Glovo app, which guarantees delivery “within minutes.” (TechCrunch) “Urban residents can use the Glovo app to order the thing they want. The closest courier will travel there

Download Glovo App from Google Play Store

8. Little App
Little Mobile Apps
Little App Screenshot
About this app

First Kenyan Taxi Hailing App That Combines Technology And Transportation

Download Little App from Google Play Store

Download Little App from Apps Store

9. Araka App
Araka Mobile App
Araka App Screenshot
About this app

Riders, businesses, and motorcycle users can access services through the Araka app, a motorbike logistics, mobility, and financial ecosystem.

Download Araka App from Google Play Store

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