2022 Mobile Shopping Apps Award Nominees

Mobile shopping apps are becoming more and more popular among consumers as more and more individuals own smartphones and conduct their shopping online.

The top shopping apps make online buying simple and convenient. Many also have features that simplify and improve the user’s mobile shopping experience.

Below are some of the top Kenyan eCommerce apps nominated for the 2022 award

1. Copia Kenya

About this app

Browse and shop With Copia online shopping app

Customers visit their local shop, browse Copia products, and use the Copia app to place orders with the shopkeeper.

Customers pay the shopkeeper for the value of the items in a single payment or via a “layaway” arrangement in modest installments.

Download Copia App Here

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2. Masoko App

About this app

The most popular online store for cell phone gear is the Masoko purchasing app. Browse, find, and learn about a wide range of smartphones and accessories from our reputable partners at Safaricom. To provide you peace of mind when ordering from Masoko, all items on the app include a genuine product warranty.

Discover the Masoko shopping experience by downloading the app right away.

Download Masoko App Here

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3. Kilimall App

About this app

The Kilimall app links tens of thousands of certified local and international vendors, who collectively offer more than 10 million products across numerous categories. Kilimall keeps building out the mall, increasing the variety, ease, and comfort of its products for customers.

Kenyans may efficiently purchase online with the help of the Kilimall app, which provides a convenient and worthwhile purchasing experience. After your buy, they deliver.

Download Kilimall App Here

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4. Jumia App

About this app

The largest online mall in Africa is the Jumia app. Jumia has a large selection of categories, including smartphones, home goods, and clothing and accessories.

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5. Jamboshoppe App

About this app

Jambo Shoppe app has a wide range of products, including TVs and audio, phones and tablets, clothing, home appliances, accessories, health and beauty products, and much more.

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6. MAF Carrefour

About this app

MAF Carrefour app is the app to choose when it comes to shopping for groceries, electronics, home goods, appliances, cosmetics, personal care, and other items. They have a huge selection of fresh foods that are available for delivery to your house and come from all over the world.

The MAF Carrefour app lets you instantly shop with just a few smartphone touches. You discover it, you adore it.

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7. Jiji Kenya

About the app

The Jiji Kenya app is the ideal platform for selling anything to live customers. It has the most comprehensive free security mechanism of any online classified service.

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