How to participate in the 2022 Mobile App Summit and Awards

How to get involved with Mobile App Summit and Awards 2022?

The Mobile App Summit 2022 and awards will be held on November 25th at Prideinn Azure. And we couldn’t be more excited. With an agenda full of keynotes, panels, and exhibits, this one-day event offers plenty of opportunities for aspiring mobile app developers and entrepreneurs.

The Summit gives you and your business the opportunity to engage with potential investors, customers, and talent to help your business grow.

Here are some ways you can participate in #MASA2022:

1. Sponsor Us

As a sponsor of MASA, you will have the potential to reach key stakeholders and decision-makers in the mobile industry. You will have the opportunity to participate in any of our panel discussions or keynotes.

Sponsors will benefit from exclusive brand positioning, social media promotion, corporate logo display at the event location, email promotions, and partner websites.

Take the opportunity now and become a sponsor!

2. Collaborate with us

Become a partner and get the opportunity to increase the visibility and exposure of your brand. In exchange for promoting our event, you will have the opportunity to expand the reach of your brand through promotional and networking opportunities at MASA. If you would like to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with us, please go to our Partners page and write to us.

3. Exhibit with us

You can take this opportunity to present your applications, products, and services in front of the most influential stakeholders and customers in the industry. Over 30 exhibitors will have the opportunity to set up a stand on the exhibition floor and these spaces will be assigned according to the order of arrival.

Visit our Exhibitor’s page right away to quickly reserve a space!

4. Take this opportunity to speak

Are you a thought leader or entrepreneur eager to share your knowledge and ideas about the mobile ecosphere? Our audience is made up of experienced and aspiring developers. This is an opportunity for you to pass on your knowledge and experience to the future minds of this industry and help them thrive.
Write to us on our Speakers page after reviewing our Agenda to see what opportunities you may have.

5. Host a seminar

This is a special opportunity, outside of the main speeches and keynote agenda, where you can host an exclusive interactive seminar session with a select audience. You can take this opportunity to share your knowledge on any of the recent trends or concepts in the app industry or a demo of your product/service. Email us at for more details.

6. Submit an app to awards:

Have you published an innovative and unique app among its contemporaries? Do you want a chance to put that app in the spotlight and gain recognition from a wider audience?

Submit your app available on the Apple and/or Google Play store for nomination to the MASA Awards!. There are a number of benefits to be gained if your application wins.

7. Submit your idea/app for the app

This is for hobbyists and independent app developers! Do you have an application or an application idea that you would like to realize? This is an opportunity to present your app or idea to a group of experts who make a decision based on a number of factors, including the concept, interface, and interactivity of your app.

Pitch Fest finalists will have the chance to win a cash prize and other opportunities to help them get the exposure and investment they need.

This one-day event promises to provide a wide range of opportunities to bring your brand to the fore.

Mobile App Summit and awards 2022

Register now and take advantage of an Early Bird offer to get a discounted rate on the entrance ticket!

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