How to Choose Mobile App Developer in Kenya

It’s not easy to find a reputable IT firm to design and develop mobile apps. When selecting a mobile app company to offer the desired results in terms of user experience and revenue generation, a number of aspects need to be taken into account.

How to Choose Mobile App Developer or Company in Kenya

Below are some factors to consider when choosing a mobile app developer for your next project

  1. Budget
  2. Technologies used:
  3. Developers Portfolio
  4. Developer Reviews

The budget is an important factor to consider. Some designers may overcharge you, while others may sacrifice quality in order to charge less. Ensure you carefully research all available designers, their costs, and the grounds on which they base their charges (i.e hourly, monthly, and so on).

Technologies used

The market offers a variety of trends and technologies. Try to learn what technologies they use overall and the scope of their knowledge.


The designer’s portfolio provides an idea of the types of projects he has worked on in the past and reveals whether or not he is knowledgeable about your field. Additionally, you can browse several website designs that you would like to use.


Reviews serve as report cards because they provide a clear picture of the designer’s work and indicate whether the designer met the expectations of a previous client. You can learn about the company’s or the designer’s weaknesses and strengths.

Developers’ Area/Location

If the location is close to your city, you may be able to save some more money. To save on paying for transportation, you should select a location that is close to your home. Additionally, you are welcome to stop by and review the progress made on your project.


It’s a tried and true process to create a mobile app from scratch.

Ask others for recommendations and find out if your app will receive ongoing support and maintenance.

You will interact with professionals. Just keep in mind that putting your app in the app store doesn’t guarantee it will become popular. It requires dedication to create and manage a marketing strategy.

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