Carrefour Kenya app wins best mobile app for online shopping

We are excited to share that the MAF Carrefour app has won an award at the Mobile App Awards 2022!

Carrefour Kenya’s online shopping app was named the best mobile app for online shopping gold winner in the ‘shopping & eCommerce ’ category.

Online commerce has developed significantly and established itself as a vital channel in the retail industry through the COVID pandemic and beyond.

About the app

The MAF Carrefour app should always be your first pick when it comes to shopping for groceries, electronics, home goods, appliances, cosmetics, personal care, and other items. Choose from a huge selection of fresh foods that are available for delivery to your house and within Nairobi.

Benefits of using MAF Carrefour Online Shopping Carrefour

1. One-Click Shopping

The MAF Carrefour app lets you instantly shop with just a few smartphone touches. You discover it, fall in love with it, and buy it.

2. Organic and Fresh Groceries

You can purchase the items you require on the app. Everything is for sale, whether you’re seeking for fresh food, fruits, veggies, meat, chicken, or anything else. You can also buy them in large quantities.

You can browse through the MAF Carrefour app’s specifications and features to find the electronics that best suit your demands and your budget.

3. Food Nutrition Facts for All Foods

It’s just as simple to buy food online as it is in a store. Just like you read the nutritional information before purchasing groceries at the grocery store, you can do the same when shopping online on the Carrefour Kenya app because all the food products have this information listed under them.

4. Wide Selection of Goods

From fresh fruits and vegetables picked just for you, to pantry essentials and organic products, to well-known brand beauty products, clothing that keeps you warm in the winter and light in the summer, as well as health, personal care, fitness, and wellness products, we offer a broad range of products from A to Z.

Additionally, they provide the most affordable prices on baby care items like wipes, diapers, baby formula, even child strollers, and other basics for raising your little angels.

Take advantage of online promos and special offers on electronics, a variety of laptops, cellphones, and household appliances big and small.

5. Eliminate paper

By utilizing your Carrefour wallet to make payments, you may place an online grocery order right now and pay nothing upfront. Adding money to Carrefour Pay is simple and can be done with a debit or credit card.

6. Earn Loyalty Points

You can take advantage of a variety of discounts and earn and redeem points with SHARE & MyCLUB memberships on every transaction.

Additional Benefits the Carrefour Kenya app provides you with include:
  • Mobile shopping has never been simpler thanks to Carrefour Kenya’s user-friendly app.
    Create your shopping list using the MAF Carrefour app rather than writing it down.
  • Get your groceries delivered in 60 minutes using Carrefour NOW on eligible items.
  • Use our store locator to find all Carrefour supermarkets and hypermarkets nearby.
  • Earn loyalty points by joining MyCLUB or SHARE and receiving special deals.
Download the MAF Carrefour app today and enjoy the best online shopping experience you will ever have
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