Call for speakers 2022

Call for Speakers: Mobile App Summit 2022

Call for Speakers: Mobile App Summit 2022

Even with only a few days left, nothing around here is in any way slowing down. Our MASA organizing team is putting in a lot of effort to put this prestigious event together. We have completed the agenda for the second edition of our event over the course of the past week.

We have covered everything from the most recent developments that shape the mobile sector to suggestions and pointers on how to thrive in a mobile ecosystem that is becoming more and more competitive.

Call for Speakers

The openings for the event’s keynote speakers and panelists are quickly filling up. Check out our agenda and drop us an email at awards[at]mobileappawards[dot]co[dot]ke if you’d like to participate in the event and offer your knowledge and thoughts about the various aspects of the mobile app industry.

We are anticipating your presence there!

Call for Speakers Mobile App Summit 2022
2021 Panel Speakers

About Mobile App Summit

The Mobile App Summit & Awards (MASA 2022) is a conference and awards program for apps built that brings together thought leaders and programmers from the emerging mobile market.

The focus of MASA 2022 is on transforming how we do business, socialize, work, and play because the mobile business is what will power the next great wave of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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