Best Car Apps in Kenya

Best Auto Mobile Apps 2022 Award Nominees

Best Car Apps can be used to find your next vehicle, hire a vehicle, find the best route or the cheapest fuel prices, and make it safer to use your phone while driving.

We’ve compiled a list of the top car applications in Kenya that have been nominated for the 2022 Mobile app awards.

All of these apps are free to download, though some do have paid upgrades. That allows you to download and evaluate each one without having to pay beforehand.

Links to Google Play and the App Store are provided for each app in our list, which is accessible for both Android and iOS.

Here’s the list of 2022 nominated best mobile apps for automobiles:

1. AutoCheck App
About this app
Autocheck Best Car Apps Kenya

The Autochek app makes it simple to fix and repair your vehicle without having to deal with challenges.

In Africa and Kenya, consumers typically make repeated attempts to acquire, sell, or repair their vehicles. They search for a local or international used car for months.

2. Uzza App
About this app
Uzza Best Car Apps Kenya

Uzza app offers everything you need to identify and purchase your ideal new car or used car, trusted by both consumers and the auto industry.

On the app, you can find user reviews and expert reviews of new and used automobiles from all major automakers, as well as ratings from previous customers.

Do you require a calculator for car leasing and buying? You can determine the best pricing with the aid of their car calculators.

Visit Uzza to browse new and used cars for sale.

3. Kaba Bazaar App
About this app
Kenya Auto Bazaar Association Best Car App

Under Kenyan law’s Society’s Act, the Kenya Auto Bazaar Association (K.A.B.A.) was established and registered in 1997.

Its principal objective is to advocate for the interests of used car importers who were in grave danger from new car franchise holders and assemblers.

4. AA Kenya App
About this app
AA kenya Best Car App

The oldest driving school in Kenya, established by the AA of Kenya in 1962, shares its knowledge with other car clubs in Africa.

The school is famous and well-respected for its dedication to safe and responsible driving as well as for its qualified, disciplined, and experienced instructors who are all authorized and licensed by the Kenyan government.

Government, international organizations, and the corporate private sector all recognize the AA training.

The AA Driving app is intended for both novice and seasoned drivers.

5. Carhoot App
Carhoot Best Car Apps kenya

Carhoot app provides round-the-clock roadside assistance, aware of the hassles associated with purchasing and maintaining a car, therefore they have developed a network of reputable mechanics and service providers to take care of all your needs.

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