Best Mobile App For Persons with disabilities Kenya

AssistALL: The 2022 Mobile App Award Winner for Persons with Disabilities

AssistALL, the mobile app developed by Signs Media Kenya Limited, was named the winner of the “Best Mobile App For Persons with Disabilities” category in the 2022 mobile app awards.

This app is a game-changer for individuals with disabilities, providing them with a wide range of services and resources to improve their daily lives.

App Features

AssistALL is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a simple interface that makes it accessible for everyone.

The app provides users with information on various services, including healthcare, education, and employment opportunities. It also includes a directory of local businesses and organizations that cater to the needs of people with disabilities.

One of the most impressive features of AssistALL is its built-in GPS system that helps users find accessible locations, such as buildings and transportation options, in their area. This feature is particularly beneficial for people with mobility impairments, who often have difficulty finding accessible routes and facilities.

Another important aspect of AssistALL is its community-building capabilities. The app allows users to connect with others who have similar disabilities, fostering a sense of community and support. It also includes a feature that allows users to share their experiences and provide feedback on the services and resources they have used.

The development of AssistALL is a significant step forward in the effort to improve the lives of people with disabilities. With its comprehensive range of services and resources, it empowers individuals with disabilities to live more independent and fulfilling lives. It is an excellent example of how technology can be used to create a more inclusive society.

App Screenshots

In conclusion

AssistALL is an outstanding mobile application that is providing a unique service to people with disabilities.

It is a one-stop-shop for all the information, resources and services that people with disabilities need to live their lives to the fullest.

It has been rightly recognized as the best mobile app for persons with disabilities in 2022 mobile app awards.

The team at Signs Media Kenya Limited should be proud of their achievement and we hope that AssistALL continues to evolve and improve in the future.


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