The AKI VIC Verification app wins at the mobile app awards 2022

The AKI VIC Verification app has been awarded a Mobile App Award, winning the Best Motor Insurance Verification Mobile Application award in the “Best of Industry” category.

The Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) mobile app provides users with a simple interface to verify the authenticity of the issued motor and life insurance certificates.

Customers of motor insurance can now check the status of their certificates by dialing *352# or by downloading the AKI Verification APP from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.

The verification will let you know whether your insurance is valid, expired, or terminated. You should contact the Association of Kenya Insurers (@AKI Kenya) if the certificate is invalid.

App Screenshots

Customers can download AKI VIC Verification app from Apple Store or Google Play store.

Download app fromm Google  play store
Download app fromm App store

Use the AKI VIC Verification App to validate DMVIC.

  1. Install the AKI VIC Verification from the iOS App Store if you have an iPhone or the Google Playstore if you have an Android smartphone.
  2. Open the application, and when prompted, provide it with the required access.
  3. Enter your name and mobile number during registration, then finish the OTP verification.
  4. Select the Verify Certificate by Scan option on the app’s start page. The camera scanner will then start up.
  5. Scan the QR code on the certificate with your car.
  6. After capturing the certificate, the app will indicate whether it is Genuine, Invalid, Cancelled, or Expired.
  7. If the app indicates that the certificate is not authentic, please contact your broker or insurance for further instructions.

How to verify your digital motor insurance certificate

Digital Certificates

In September 2019, the Association of Kenya Insurers introduced digital automobile insurance certificates. These digital certificates are intended to reduce instances of insurance fraud as well as make it easier for policyholders to renew policies and replace certificates.

2022 Award Winners

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