Celebrating Incredible Mobile Apps 2022

2nd Annual Mobile App Summit & Awards 2022

One of the major events in Kenya’s mobile app industry is the Mobile App Summit and Awards (MASA).

The event unites different mobile app industry stakeholders on a single platform. The event is a well-known platform for recognizing incredible mobile apps.

The inaugural MASA 2021 awards took place at the Westlands Banquet Center in Nairobi. The audience comprised entrepreneurs and mobile fans who shared similar interests. The evening was a huge success.

2021 Mobile App Recognition
2021 Mobile App Awards

MASA 2022’s second edition will be bigger and better. The Prideinn Azure Hotel in Nairobi will serve as the event’s location. This event will feature over 10 speakers, 5 partners, 30 exhibitors, and more than 500 mobile enthusiasts. They will include app developers, marketers, and young entrepreneurs.

Mobile App Summit and awards 2022

Why should you attend?

1. MASA is a mobile innovation platform

The best minds in the mobile sector will gather in Nairobi, Kenya on 25th November 2022. They include Kenyan startups, app developers, apps, game studios, media, agencies, mobile service providers, and OEM developers.

The top players in the mobile industry will showcase their latest innovations. MASA believes innovation is important and has been doing a lot to make it happen.

2. Information about recent Industry trends

Technology is ever-evolving, and mobile apps are no exception. In this major event, all the current developments in the Mobile app industry will be examined.

3. Platform for mobile app developers

MASA offers the perfect venue for showcasing all facets of one’s company or service to a wide audience.

Mobile app companies and developers have a chance to advertise their applications and associated products directly to consumers.

4. Panel discussions by the top leaders

Developers, business owners, and marketers will gather under one roof to discuss the state and potential of mobile app markets.

Throughout MASA 2022, expert panelists and presenters will provide app developers with the knowledge they need to boost their apps’ visibility.

5. Best Mobile Apps of the Year

The event will culminate in an awards ceremony honoring the best mobile apps of the year.

Mobile App Summit and Awards event promises to bring a whole range of opportunities to push your brand to the forefront.

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